FREE Shipping On All RIM® Orders Up To 400 lbs.*

RIM Shaker Bottles (2-7.5 lb.)


RIM Ice Melter works from the moment you apply it to the ice and snow on your sidewalks, driveways, parking lots and high-traffic areas.

The superior melting power or RIM in two handheld shaker bottles (7.5 lbs. each).

RIM's exothermic action melts ice, preventing dangerous refreezing.

RIM will work in temperatures as low as -25ºF.

RIM pellets work faster because they attract moisture and release heat, even when temperatures dip below 0ºF.

Contains 90-92% calcium chloride, the most effective ice melting material.

RIM's melts snow and ice faster than rock salt -- up to 24x faster at 0 F.

RIM Lets you clean away ice and snow faster than shoveling and scraping alone.

RIM Ice Melter is gentle on your grass and landscaping.

RIM Ice Melter leaves no messy residue or powdery coating.

No more ice melt tracking onto your floors and carpets.

FREE shipping on all RIM® orders up to 400 lbs.*

*Offer excludes orders exceeding 400 lbs. Please call (800) 321-1976 for larger orders.