Polar Poxi II


POLAR POXI II restores a smooth, sanitary surface to damaged floors that are constantly subjected to freezing conditions. This material has twice the compressive strength of concrete and offers excellent shrink and crack resistance. The 100% solids formula is low-odor, non-flammable and contains no VOC’s.

POLAR POXI II can be applied at any thickness desired, from featheredge to several inches. Trowel on this fast-setting epoxy mortar to give floors resistance to acids, alkalis and abrasions. At 0ºF, floors will be ready for in use in 24 hours.

Uses: Freezer and cooler floors, cold storage warehouses, food processing plants, beverage/brewery facilities, bridge decks, parking garages and lots, ramps, loading docks and airport runways.

Coverage: One 18lb. unit covers 6 sq. ft. at ¼” depth.