Fiber Patch

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FIBER PATCH contains millions of reinforcing fiberglass strands to offer extremely high resistance to abrasion and wear, even when applied in thin layers. The super-hard surface is easy to clean and stands up to all kinds of industrial abuse. This material is especially effective in areas with steel-wheeled traffic or where thermal shock and washing occurs frequently.

Easy-to-use FIBER PATCH has pre-measured components to eliminate mixing errors. Simply pour liquids together and add the desired amount of aggregate to make a stiff mortar or workable liquid. Material bonds tightly to dry surfaces and cures quickly with little or no shrinkage.

FIBER PATCH offers excellent resistance to mineral and organic acids, alkalis, bleach, detergents, hydrocarbon solvents, gasoline, motor oils, grease, deicing chemicals and lard.

Uses:Industrial floors, dairies, kitchens, high traffic areas, food processing plants and warehouses

Coverage: One unit covers 30 sq. ft. at 1/8” depth