Rev Crete Standard Unit

Concrete resurfacer and patching agent
Rev Crete Standard Unit
    Price: $126.35
    Code: 75881
    Shipping Weight: 63.00 pounds
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    1-2 $126.35
    3-5 $114.25
    6+ $102.85
    Easiest, most durable repair for normal traffic areas
    Concrete resurfacer and patching agent-Our Most Popular Concrete Repair
    Easiest, most durable repair for normal traffic areas
    2X the compression strength of concrete

    Good looking and long lasting results are easy to get with REV-CRETE. You can fix all your problem concrete with this do-it-all product. Apply in layers to fill deep holes, featheredge spalled or uneven areas, use in wet or dry spots and fix indoor or outdoor concrete. REV-CRETE spreads easily and trowels smoothly for a professional looking finish every time. Super-fine aggregate and a polymer mixing liquid ensure the perfect consistency, which can be adjusted to suit any need.

    When cured, REV-CRETE has twice the compressive strength and the tensile strength of concrete to outlast the original slab. The self-bonding material adheres firmly to any properly prepared masonry surface.

    Uses: Fill fine cracks, shallow ruts and holes or large worn areas in indoor or outdoor concrete decks, walks, drives, docks and more.

    Coverage: Standard Unit – 40 sq. ft.