Sta Fil Chuckhole Patch 55 gal.

All-weather asphalt patch with Vynolox™ Binding Agent
Sta Fil Chuckhole Patch 55 gal.
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    Make repairs in just five minutes
    No heating or mixing

    STA-FIL asphalt patch forms a rock hard repair that can take traffic immediately. This highly durable patch bonds to wet or dry concrete or asphalt to form a fast, economical repair in five minutes or less. A STA-FIL repair will not crack or pop out of the hole under heavy traffic and freezing temperatures. Our exclusive Vynolox bonding agent links with the aggregate mix in STA-FIL to lock the patch in the hole. The repair actually gains strength as it ages and is guaranteed to hold up to tough conditions for at least two years.

    Easy-to-use, STA-FIL can be applied right from the container and tamped into any hole. The material has an unlimited storage life, so keep some on hand when chuckholes begin to appear.

    Coverage: One gallon repairs a 1½ sq. ft. hole that is 1” deep

    NOTE: 2-year limited warranty

    Please call 800-321-1976 to order